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Get Your Fat Burning and Muscle Building a Head Start with Andro Prohormones

While there may be a band placed by the FDA on “andro” products, many are still searching and for a viable alternative to compliment the training of bodybuilders. In Australia, Andro has not been banned by the government and sites like continue to offer highly effective andro bodybuilding supplements that are safe to use for over 7 years now.

The reason why Ironpower continues to sell bodybuilding supplements very well, is because the products AndroStack and Androgel is a legal alternative to steroids. By using whole herb bases, and straying away from making use of isolated extracts of androstenedione, which is the banned substance in USA. By keeping the androstene intact along with a complete herb extract and not chemically isolated, this makes the product legal for use. Note however that most sporting organizations do not condone the use of this

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Additionally, apart from making use of herbs for Ironpower’s Andro Stack completely legal, customers no longer need to acquire a prescription first. AndroStack is listed with the TGA (Therapeutics Goods Administration) of the Australian government (AUST L 90183). The product can also confidently state that it can “help promote increased lean body mass and decreased fat mass in conjunction with intense physical exercise.” Thanks to the aid of Dr. Henry T. O’Meissner BSc  Msc PhD – a notable chemist from the world renowned Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation – Ironpower was able to design a bodybuilding supplement that can improve low testosterone (which is essential for muscle building) and simultaneously lose fat.

You can avail of Ironpower’s Andro, either liquid form or gel. The Andro Stack Liquid is suited for oral intake which acts quickly on the body. This is best used immediately before your bodybuilding work out and training. The Andro Stack Gel on the other hand is administered topically which is absorbed slowly through the skin. The gel should be applied every day before going to bed.

Richard Hargreaves, former Mr. Australia and CEO of Ironpower, addresses concerns about side effects saying, “Taken as directed the products are very safe. One frequently reported side-effect of the gel was increased bedroom sports performance…a kind of natural Viagra…but overall there are no reported negative side-effects when used as directed”

Facts about Andro Stack’s Main Ingredient – Red Clover

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Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense) is the main ingredient in the formula for Ironpower’s Andro Stack. Scientific studies have confirmed the effects of red clover when it comes to testosterone production. In one Chinese study, there was a notable increase of 35.9% in the testosterone of Roosters when they were fed a diet that had doses of red clover supplements. Moreover improvements can be seen in terms of body weight gain and feed conversion by 5.1% and 9.2% respectively.

Nanjing Agricultural University, Nanjing, 210095, P.R. China.

Apart from the main benefits of promoting muscle build up and losing weight, red clover has also been seen to contain high quantities of isoflavones which are plant-based estrogens that may alleviate symptoms of menopause in women, increase HDL cholesterol in the body (the good kind of cholesterol) lessen the dangers of bone loss and even lower the risk of heart problems and improve blood pressure.

Estrogen can actually increase testosterone production

While Estrogen is a female hormone which can unfavorable to bodybuilders (like developing sensitivity and gynecomastia), a small amount of this hormone in the body can actually activate the creation of testosterone. This is another advantage of Andro Stack. It introduces the right about of substances and hormones to ensure that bodybuilders will be able to maximize the testosterone in their body and maximize the effectiveness of their weight lifting and training. It is highly recommended that people who will use Andro Stack to follow the correct dosage (only 3times per week) right before training.

Directions on How to Use Andro Prohormones Stack Effectively

If you follow the directions on the label of the bottle, you’ll be sure to make the most out of each use and get the best training session of your life. For the Andro Stack Liquid, if you weigh 90kg or less, you should only intake 20mls, 30 minutes (2.5 hours on an empty stomach) before training that includes weight lifting. If you weigh more than 90kg, the dosage will be 30mls. Since you can only take it 3 times a week, you should use it during the most intense training sessions during that week.  After which you should maintain a 3-week cycle. Use Andro Stack for 3 weeks, then stop using it for the next 3. This is the best way to ensure you get the fastest results but at the same time, avoid any side effects from using too much.

In line with this, you have to make sure that when taking Andro Stack before your work out, you have to include a session of intense weight training. This is because lifting weights will kick start the conversion process for Androstenedione. This particular substance is the natural foundation for testosterone, estrone and estradiol. As a person transitions from puberty to adulthood and old age, the androstenedione in levels in the body declines which can lead to infertility in males due to a reduced sperm count. This can also bring other complications for both men and women as they age.

The Andro Stack Gel is designed to act slowly on the body. It contains Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense), Wild Yam (Discorea Macrostachya) and Tribulus Terrestris (Officionalis). The slow release gel is used to raise low levels of testosterone for bodybuilding and weight loss, but people who have used the product also note an additional benefit of raising their libido. The Andro Stack Gel should be used as directed in the container.

Take control of your body and build up muscle and lose weight quickly, safely and effectively. Andro Stack supplements can help you reach your physical goals and motivate you to give it your best. Don’t leave anything to chance and start working on the body you’ve always wanted.  Get bigger, stronger and leaner with Andro Stack.